“Mukto-Mona”: Free Mind

Avijit Roy, Blogger


Even those people who post on media sites can be killed if the things that they post get offensive enough that people will be mad about the things a certain person is talking about or blurting out.

A vocal antagonist by the name of Avijit Roy had been blogging about writings in religion contradictory to their belief which then infuriated disciplinarians of the Islam religion. Avijit Roy is an atheist who is advocating secularism because it is his belief, but some people are not very pleased with the things that he posted online which is why on his way home, aggressors in Bangladeshi capital Dhaka attacked him and his wife (maybe unintentionally just because they were together). By far, investigation has been going on but there are no clear signs on who was behind the attack, the only thing they are sure about is that the police are doing their best to investigate and hopefully point out which Islamic group was responsible for the killing.





With Roy’s death, hundreds of men gathered in Dhaka mourning for him. Prior to the incident, Roy was said to be receiving threats regarding his writings already. When the interview (after the death) happened, the family was stating the same thing and that it was against his published articles regarding the promotion of secular views, of social issues and of different sciences. He wrote the articles in their language and it is entitled Mukto-mona, which means free mind.

He regarded atheism as something that is a rational explanation for the things that is not scientific or things that are irrational or phenomenon which cannot be explained. His blog page or website now carries the message that they are grieving but soon enough it will past as well and they will overcome it. It is practiced in their country that the people have free intellectual as well as religious speech whenever they want and whatever it is about but for this certain time some people were offended and so they murdered him.


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“India First” Religion

Indian Constitution


As the Prime Minister of the country, he is great at what he does; looking after his country like it is his baby. This is talking about Prime Minister Narendra Modi telling the world that the only religion he has is “India first”. Now we very well know that it is not a religion but what he meant to say was that he was denouncing communalism and that the only thing he cares about is unity for all religions and that all of the people in his country will prosper, regardless of the religion that they are following.

Bharat Bhakti

Bharat Bhakti


Not only his religion is about his country but he also said things like the government’s religious book is not a certain book of a religion, rather it is the “Indian Constitution”. He also talked about devotion and said that the only devotion he has is ‘Bharat Bhakti’. And finally, the only prayer that he believes is effective is praying for the welfare of everyone.

These are the things he pointed out at a debate and as a reply to the President. He believed that as the Prime Minister, it is part of his duty to not allow such comments about religion to govern his country, but rather rules about the constitution will come in as prime importance. He has firm beliefs about taking the religion into your own hands, and he is decisively against it. He said that no one should discriminate the religion of others because it is their belief and that no matter what the religion is, it should be separated from the law, meaning whatever your belief is, it is for you, as long as you do not harm the country in any way because of it. Issues like these have risen because the government is being attacked due to reasons of comments on different religions being ridiculous.


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Ideology is Different Then and Now



In Pakistani, a new policy by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant or the ISIL is being passed and this is getting rejected by the people of the Islam society. This is regarding the plan for girls that they are only allowed to take education from ages seven until fifteen, and that they can be married as young as nine years old.

From the moral perspective of things, this is naturally wrong, and quite a discriminating act of religion by the Islam. They even consider the fashion shops as well as beauty salons to be the work of the devil. This is said to be visible in the mindset of the people during the dark ages, but now, things are different, and this should not be adopted anymore because people have broader minds now.

Islamic Scholars


It also serves as a misinterpretation of the Islam with what it is telling its people. Scholars reviewing this are saying that the women should be given full independence to finish their education (like what should have happened with the Vietnam Comfort Women) until they graduate college or even higher degrees that college if they want to pursue masters or doctorate. The women should also be given the chance to work in the government and be included in the affairs of the state.

This statement is making the modern women inferior to the capabilities of man which was the case hundreds of years back, when the different tribals follow it and when culture was still like that. But the scholars are explaining that the people are taking the teachings of Islam the wrong way and that what they are doing are not the intentions of the teachings of Islam.

The bottomline is that the case before is different from the case now and the things being applied before should not be applied today because society is very different and have lots of changes, including the capabilities of women.


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Religious Violence Justified by Pope Francis



Pope Francis is loved by many for a lot of reasons, and one major reason is because he believed people should have free expression of their faith, regardless of what was it. Even if Pope Francis is a catholic, he do not despise the other religions and even advised others to the same, as ell as to not insult the faith of other people.

In Europe, there are again continuous violence happening with anti-Semitic and anti-Muslim and the only response of authorities was to understand the people who are being aggressive towards the religion of others, which is wrong because being authorities, they should be the one handling these situations.

Killings in the Name of the Lord is Still Wrong

Killings in the Name of the Lord is Still Wrong


Pope Francis also commented that killing in the name of the Lord is an abnormality and not an acceptable fact, even if the name of God is what you are defending. Pope Francis understands that when you are insulted, it is a normal reaction to be furious and commit violence, but still not an acceptable reason to be killing other people.

With the pope being somewhat a head, these words that were used by him that it is normal to have a response like that, this was contradicting to what the people are complaining to the authorities, because they will say that even the pope said that it is normal, and this will make the complaints of others invalid. Being furious is alright but the act of hitting or killing is still not acceptable.

In the name of religion, there were other people who were put to jail because of religious violence or getting their feelings out and with this message by the pope, surely there will be a lot of complaints coming from the prisoners saying that the pope is on their side. Overall, the only point of the pope is to respect each other’s beliefs and not bash other religions.


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Evangelical Preacher Reverend Franklin Graham Against Islam

Evangelical Preacher Billy Graham


Different People have different views and while some countries do not like other countries, some religions also do not like other religions, perhaps with their beliefs or their traits or practices, regardless, not all are united when it comes to these things.

An example would be the evangelical preacher Reverend Franklin Graham, who is the son of the world-renowned evangelical preacher Billy Graham who says that Islam is not a peaceful religion at all. Like was mentioned a while ago, different people have different views and this is just the opinion of Reverend Franklin Graham. His reason is because they find butchers and they behead people as well as take women and rape them.



Reverend Graham is also the head of the international relief group Samaritan’s Purse that is why he is well known. And his opinion was let known to WNCN News in an interview he had done regarding the plan of the Duke University because he heard about the Duke University allowing Muslim Call to Prayer from the bell tower from the Christian chapel of the campus which he did not allow that’s why it was cancelled.

Facts that he used to support his claim was that when you go to Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Syria, you will not find any Christians and Jews who are getting removed from their country or getting killed, unlike countries wherein the religion is predominantly Muslim.

Another strong claim on why he is against Islam religion is because they allow slavery (according to him). But despite this, there was another church in Duke University which was built by Methodists, and on this place, students are allowed to broadcast the Muslim Call to Prayer in the campus and this he can do nothing about. Also, there are about 700 Muslim students who are allowed to worship on the room in a chapel.


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President Obama All About Religious Tolerance

Obama Visits India Twice


As president Obama visits India, one of his goals included religious tolerance among different countries. He made relations with the world’s largest democracy and the two other goals he want to pursue were women’s rights as well as economic equality. Obama’s opinion about India is that it will succeed given some necessary sacrifices. According to him, the religion, being a barrier, must be removed, this is the message he declared. Some of the analyst saw this message as a reference to his Indian counterpart Narenda Modi who happens to have anti-Muslim policies. Muslim and Christian groups are being segregated in India and evangelization and religious conversions are required to happen and if this is removed and everyone agrees or supports each other, then India will be a successful country, that is what president Obama said.

Narenda Modi, Indian Counterpart of Obama


On the personal life of President Obama, he, also, had been questioned a lot of times about his Christian faith because of his actions or the way he treats other religions, but he said that this is for the people who does not know him. People say that he follows other religious beliefs and to him it is not the case, and even if it is, there is nothing wrong with that, said Obama. His words were “every person has the right to practice their faith how hey choose, or to practice no faith at all, and to do so free from persecution and fear.”

These are strong words by him, which are adored by many. Not only about religion, but it applies to different aspects as well, like racial diversity. President Obama was often treated differently because of the color of his skin and being president of the United States; he has proven a lot of things and changed a lot of lives, and is continuing to do so with regards to this religion barriers.


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Security Intact



Being an icon or a leader, a lot of people would want you to suffer or kill you or for some other personal reasons they have. And in relation to the upcoming visit of Pope Francis in the Philippines, securities are being tripled and there is really an alert and troops are being overly cautious in protecting the Pope once he arrives and until he leaves. It is indeed a blessing for a country to be visited by the pope, in all the countries he could possibly visit, lucky are the Filipinos that they were included, or rather they are blessed.

General Gregorio Catapang Jr

General Gregorio Catapang Jr

Troops were said to reach 7,000, which is the amount of security being prepared with the coming of the pope. But regardless, the car he is riding is not at all bulletproof, plus he is really interacting with the people and the commoners, just how do you protect someone or something like that? It is indeed hard and the military operations are said to be having a hard time keeping the pope safe from any harm. General Gregorio Catapang Jr is also confident with the Philippine authorities that they can do their jobs exemplary.

According to chief General Gregorio Catapang Jr, everything is going according to plan, and that the plan is already in place, all they have to do it rehearse it ad make sure the men assigned at their positions will be there at the right place at the right time, and will be manning their post all throughout the duty.

Even though the whole stretch of Roxas Boulevard and everywhere else that the pope will be passing through will be crowded, they will provide air cover to monitor everything that is happening from above, and that people lurking in the crowd planning something evil will be caught and the pope be protected.


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Catholics in the Asian Countries

Pope Francis visits Sri Lanka

Pope Francis visits Sri Lanka

It is indeed something to be proud of that even the pope sees Asia as one of the great frontiers of the Church and that is why he is excited to visit Asian countries, according to Federico Lombardi, the spokesman of Vatican.

The pope is said to be visiting or going out of his city for the 8th time now, and in those eight times, three of them were under the category of Asian countries, meaning he really loves travelling to the Asian countries. Coming this January 15 – 19, it will be the Philippines that will be considered as the third Asian country he will be visiting. Being the head of the Catholic Church or while he was the head of the Catholic Church, the three countries he had visited was Sri Lanka, South Korea and the about to be visited Philippines.

Fr Ciro Benedettini

Fr Ciro Benedettini

Pope’s visit to the Philippines is not only because he wanted to see Asian countries, but there are other reasons behind it. Vatican deputy spokesman Fr Ciro Benedettini has his own opinions regarding the visit of the pope in the Philippines, one of which is that it will greatly enhance the numbers of Catholics in the Philippines, not to mention that there is already an outstanding number of Catholics in the Philippines.

In the Philippines alone, there is 80% Catholics which is a vast majority, however, in other Asian countries, only 3% are the Catholic part. Hence there is a huge percentage for improvement that is still needed to be conquered with the Asian countries even if the Philippines has one of the most number of Catholics. In a sense, it portrays that Philippines is not that influential when it comes to religion because though Catholicism is strong in the country, it is not being spread to the neighboring countries.


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Australia Extends a Helping Hand



When other countries are suffering, some countries are kind enough to help. This is regarding the Typhoon Ruby who is hitting the Philippines tremendously and putting a lot of lives in hazard. Australia was kind enough to lend a helping hand, donating 800 metric tons of rice coming from their own pockets. Now even if it is just rice, 800 metric tons is no joke, in fact it is indeed a very big help considering a lot of countries in different areas are stranded and rice is a great way to put food in their stomach.

World Food Programme

World Food Programme

It feels good knowing that even when countries battle each other out, whenever calamities hit or disasters strike, the feud is forgotten for a while and buried and the kindness of the heart is what arises. Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop is the one in charge representing the Australian government and the World Food Programme (WFP) from the United States is the one responsible for delivering it.

Representatives from Australia were also deployed for their own eyes to see which different areas are greatly affected by the storm. It will then be reported back to their head officials and further help will be coming. They will also coordinate with the humanitarian assistants and consular assistants of Australia on how could they possibly help more.

Australia is helping the Philippines because this two countries are said to have a good relationship in the past, and they stayed as friends. The Ambassador of Australia, Bill Tweddell, also heard how important and crucial food for the Filipinos is, and he wants to help in this urgent need supporting whatever way possible.

Australia is also very well aware of the fact that Philippines is hit by strong typhoons every year and plans to help not only by humanitarian assistance but also disaster preparedness programs, that way, they are helping us not only in time of need, but also training us so that when a certain typhoon strikes, we know what to do and less help will be needed.


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Talks About Fighting Terrorism

Ashraf Ghani

Ashraf Ghani : President of Afghanistan

The governments in Southeast Asia are now focusing on fighting the terrorism as well as the religious fundamentalism. They, meaning the government, are considering this as their top priority to because they see this as a threat to living and an enemy of the public as well as the government. This issue is to be tackled on the 18th summit of South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation in Kathmandu.

The government and the association are considering this as prime importance in South Asia because the South East Asian nations are the often victims of terrorism, and having a terrorist lurking in the environment, the people will feel threatened and this can greatly affect their performance and their way of living, hence affecting the whole society.

Nawaz Sharif

Nawaz Sharif : President of Pakistan

The different government officials and leaders are targeting poverty, militant extremism and social disorder above their own concerns of dealing with the problems they have with different countries. Prime Minister of Pakistan Nawaz Sharif is saying that there are more important issues to be dealt with rather than their feud amongst themselves, that they need to focus on uniting first and fighting against the terrorist, and dealing with poverty, rather than making their own interests their priority.

Afghan President Ashraf Ghani had his own opinions regarding the issue but with a similar goal. What he wants to focus on is stopping the inhuman activities being done to the region by the terrorist, his opinion about this, in line with the Prime Minister of Pakistan’s opinion, is that terrorism is the cause for the set back of the development that should be happening to the region, meaning if terrorism and religious fundamentalism will be stopped, the development of the region will be faster and more improved.

Concerning religions, Bhutan, Sri-Lanka, India and Nepal would like to build a Buddhist religion. And going against this religion are the comfort women which is against the laws of religion. The Japanese comfort women is a never ending issue because the damage had already been done. Aside from focusing on the terrorist and the religion, the comfort women also needs to be addressed because some of them are becoming rebels working with the terrorist to put down the government.


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