Incoprating Religion into the Corporate World

Birth Control Pills


If religious beliefs were to be incorporated in the workplace, there are questions being raised regarding the use of birth control pills, whether or not it should be included in the interview questions or the surveys or information being done, as well as the annual check-up of the employees; and in case a company is religiously affiliated, should that person be fired because her practices are against that of the owner or that of the church? There will be a lot of questions given such cases and it would be hard to determine the right decision to make. A person should not be fired simply because of his beliefs because beliefs are a personal choice and working or being an employee of, say your dream company, which you worked hard for your entire life, is a different thing to consider because you did not work hard to please that belief but to be successful in life in your line of work or your field.

Hiring of Gays and Lesbians


Another question is the hiring of gays and lesbians, whether it should be allowed or they should be discriminated simply because God did not make genders of such. There will be a lot of controversies when such a law is passed because religion itself has a lot of controversies already, and including it in the corporate world will only make the corporate world ill-fated more than it already is.

Another example would be the topic regarding the use of contraception or the one topic that is always being debated about which is abortion. In some areas of hiring and working, there will indeed be benefits having the same beliefs because it will be easier to explain to the people about your view and certain decisions. Also, holidays will be easier to be implemented and fewer absences will be there since you are celebrating the same type of religion.


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U.S. Rebalancing Relationship with India

MK Narayanan


Statements have been made and the advisers are who we run to because they are a third person point of view and advisers are much like analysts who people run to in order for the people to know or somewhat predict whether a certain act will be effective or this person running for candidate will win. In the recent comment by the Former National Security Adviser MK Narayanan, he stated that in the battle of US and China, the United States cannot counter China when the United States will not be helped by India.

Rebalancing Life


According to the analyses or the concluding statement done by MK Narayanan, the United States will indeed need India if they want to have a chance standing against China, this just shows how powerful China is and that India will be the crucial Asian region that they will be needing as support that would suffice, because any other nations in Asia, referring to the smaller nations, it would not be enough to serve as support for the United States.

Talking about their defence capabilities and major advantages, China, in general, still do not have anything major against India. This is an advantage of India which the United States should be mindful about that is why they need to maintain a good relationship with India.

India, on the other hand, also has no intention of seeing itself containing China because that will be a huge problem for them if they plan to do such. However, being the case and given the situation, United States is pointing out that their goal on why they want to rebalance the relationship with the Asian country India, is because their rule-based international system brought in prosperity as well as stability and that is what they want to acquire. They are seeing India as an economic growth provider and they have security across the region which the US admire.


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Upcoming Presidential Elections Sample Poll




In the political scene, there are a lot of hidden agendas or messages being delivered without the public knowing. There are stages wherein we thought that they are doing it for us or that everything is just a coincidence but truthfully speaking, it is all set on a perfect timing. Hiding a certain desire that an opposition wants for example, and making people believe that all of it was just coincidental, it is one perfect example of how they do it.

In the upcoming presidential elections, it will be the last year of President Noynoy Aquino to rule the Philippines and after settling down and giving the presidential seat to another, he wants the next one to continue with what he has started, and that is why he is urging the Filipinos to vote for the right officials.

Plans of Action

Plans of Action


In the presidency or in any elections, there are platforms being followed or being endorsed and the people who have the best platforms or plans of action for the country (if ever it is on a government basis or scale) usually gets voted and when they win and start their plans of action, and their term is not enough to finish everything they have planned, it will be no use unless the next generation will finish it. This is what the president is trying to say, that if his administration will continue to be elected, the platform they had started will be finished.

In the latest survey that was done, Binay still lead the voting polls claiming 40% of the entire votes, with 1200 correspondents involved in the said poll; Senator Grace Poe coming in second with 15% of the votes and Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago coming in third with 10% of the votes and so on. Looking at this sample poll, VP Jejomar Binay indeed has a huge lead compared to others with the second place up to the last still close to each other.


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Transition from 2014 to 2015, What is Changing?


Corruption is Deadly

Corruption is Deadly

It is true that the year 2014 was a struggle for the Philippines because of the Typhoon Haiyan and we would be lying if we will say that we have completely recovered from it now, because the truth is, we are still on the process of recovering and it is not easy because a lot of things got damaged, structures demolished by the typhoon, and the cause of all these are interconnected like with the budget of the whole of the Philippines plus the relocation zones, etc. And the question now is how will this affect the Philippines come 2015, more so the political side?

Pre-Election Survey


The pope’s visit boosted the faith of the people that they could rise up back again, that the scandalous poverty that worsened the situation should be addressed. The pope talked about poverty and corruption right in front of the leaders of the government who are the main actors of the country with regards to the development. Though it is just for five days, the pope made an impact and let us hopes corruption will indeed be vanquished or at least lessened.

The pope’s visit is just like a break, and now that he is out of the Philippines, talks about the 2016 elections rise back up again. Vice President Jejomar Binay, despite the issues that were accused of him (regardless of whether it is true or not) still has the most number of votes in the pre-election survey done. Te opposition leader is taking the lead even against the people under the current president.

Other issues being tackled are disputes when it comes to territories as well as maritime claims versus China. Though Philippines is somewhat having fights locally, if they are up against another country, they become united and solid in fighting for what is rightfully theirs.


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The Public Knows Best

Policy Making


If there are people who very well know the problems of a certain country, most often than not, it is the public, because they are the ones dealing with it every day, especially the commuters who are the ones using the public service and are either benefiting if it is good or suffering because it is bad.

If they are to improve the system and the situation of Singapore, it is best to survey those people who are down on the streets, because these people know best what needs improvement, even to the very minute detail present. The ones implementing the policies are the ones on the offices; they examine the problem based on statistics, on surveys, and base action from there. But these surveys are not enough and on a personal basis, I think it will be better appreciated if the voices of the public be heard.

Raising Awareness

The point is that it is enough being angry, or saying that there is a problem, but they need to know where it is, what it is, and do something about it, after all, it is what resolves problem. Statements like “there is a problem” or “it needs to be fixed” is too general for the people who make policies to follow; better statements are “this needs to be done” or “this is what we should do”, because in that matter, there are concrete solutions, viable ones, that will really take effect.

The thing about Singapore is that there are too many people raising awareness but there are a very few who does something about the thing they are promoting. Meaning they are present on raising the policies but on implementing them and making them happen, scarce citizens are doing it.

In any country, it is not enough discussing the problems and reaching the government office, but actions need to be taken so that the policies will be effective. Follow-ups are to be considered as well to see the progress of policies being developed.


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Campaigning as the First Step

Favor or Oppose Sample Poll


Most of the time, people, especially politicians, are in fear of losing votes that they follow what the people wants and what the citizens are bargaining for, which ends up pleasing the people yes, but not improving the country. The politicians who make policies always want to save face and fear on what the world, particularly society, might say if the law they make is not implemented properly or will not be improving the country in their eyes.

Being leaders of the country, yes you will be needing the support of the public, but this should not get in the way of what is really important, which is making policies for the benefit of the country and not just because majority of the people want it. These negative externalities are causing trouble with making the right policies. It meddles with the mind of politicians on what really needs to be done.

Dirty Tricks of Politicians


During the campaign trail, different politicians have different strategies on how to defeat their opponents. Most often than not, those whose names are being heard more, these are the ones getting voted and winning the elections, that is why they focus more on how to campaign rather than what to actually do once they get seated. Thinking about it, it is a wise decision, because after all, they cannot make the people follow or let alone implement their policies if they do not get seated into position. Some parties are desperate with meaning, that they do dirty tricks, like looking for loopholes in the personality or history of their opponents, so their opponents would have a bad image in society and will cause their votes a landslide.

Other brave parties are independents, one who has no background or no relatives seated into position, no strong backbone for campaigning and the likes, and these candidates make their own way of promoting themselves, away from the norm.


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The Asian Cup Politics

Asian Cup: Iran

Mixing sports and politics is very evident in different nations and in different parts of the world. One reason could be because even those who are seated in the government are very much active in watching sports, and the other reason is that it brings pride to the country when the certain team in a sport is representing the whole country. And winning a game, or the entire tournament, brings about joy and pride to its citizens, and who will announce that and who will be better heard than the names of the players and what country they are from. On times like these, politicians are also busy either watching the games or even placing their bets.

Politics Incorporated into Sports

In the Asian Cup, which is a tournament of soccer, there is nothing more obvious than the importance of Middle Eastern politics taking highlights in the games happening. This was seen by analysts when there was a soccer match between Kuwait and Australia; when Kuwait scored the first goal in the opening match, Australia was just quiet, but in the end, it turned out to be Australia’s game, and here is where the politics in sports was visible for the writers.

Diplomacy has entered the world, the government, the public as well as the cultural, wherein nations are basing ranks on performance on sports, which in this case is soccer. The high profile international tournaments have served as a basis on who is prevalent amongst countries, even though it is just soccer which is the competition, what happens is that the impact of which country is winning is more dominant than the winner of the game itself.

Some of the countries who are very much into political sports are Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Palestine, Iran, Qatar and Bahrain. These countries see the performance of the country in soccer as a projection of statehood and political aspirations, which are very important for their countries.


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Dr. Chee Soon Juan of the Singapore Democratic Party

Dr. Chee Soon Juan

Making a country improve does not stop if you are not elected. This is what most of the country leaders lack, not only on the government level of politics but even in simple projects or simple movements being held in school or in different places. Just because you are not the president of a certain organization or even the supervisor or something of a high position, it does not mean you cannot do well and be a huge help to the party or the group.

Dr. Chee Soon Juan, who is the general of the Singapore Democratic Party, is an opposition, and he is a perfect example of this situation because though he is not winning the elections, he still provides help and he firmly believes he can shape Singapore to have a better future even if he is not in the highest position.

Singapore Democratic Party

Come to think of reshaping a country, there is a lot of things to do, and leaving that statement, it will get people to question him, but he did not think twice leaving that statement because he has strength to back it up. Being leaders of the country, the first thing you need to have is courage, the courage to straighten the bent, and the courage to accept all criticisms and not be affected by it. Even simple leaders of the army or even just a class, there will be a lot of bashers and a lot of commanding officers questioning your decisions, but the important thing is that you know what you are doing and you get results done. If you are always above them and doing the right thing, all the bashes you will be receiving will be put to waste because people rely on results, and look up to people who are making things happen and felt. No matter how much they do not want you, if you are doing something positive, they will eventually like you and you will receive their support.


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Prisoners Donating Organs

Donating Organs

Donating Organs

There are a lot of people being executed because of the crimes they are committing and there are ideas being followed by the Chinese people. In China, when the prisoners are to be executed, their organs are being donated since they will die anyway and giving out their organs can save someone else.

Beijing bank clerk Zhou Keran was also shaking when he was asked to donate his organs before dying. According to him, his parents gave him everything, including his body parts and internal organs and even hair, and that it should be respected in a sense that everything should still be intact even after death. The recent news was broadcasted and the decision was that the harvesting of organs will soon stop and the human rights group will be heard. The only problem is that it will be hard to dissuade themselves from this practice.

Beijing Bank

Beijing Bank

Another thing on why the people are afraid of donating their organs is because they fear that it will not really be donated to the hospital, instead, it will be sold on black markets and the people responsible will just profit from it. Traditional body is a sacred body and nothing should be removed from it from the moment it was born until the moment it dies, except when one is sick and a certain part should really be operated and removed.

The thing is, the switch should be done by people who really want to sacrifice their body in order to save someone else, it is an act of selflessness, and in China, having this trait, the attitude of the person should also change, and we do not change our attitudes in an instant, so not all are willing to do it. It is all about being fair and being open, in the end, it is still the choice of the prisoner and he should not be forced what to do.

It is a different thing but they are feeling the same emotion when Korean comfort women are being used as sex workers during the early times. They were no more than prisoners who cannot escape their destiny, and the worse thing is they are not to blame for where they have gotten but it was inflicted to them by their fate because of the war.


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ASEAN Republic of Korea (ROK)

ASEAN Republic of Korea (ROK)

ASEAN Republic of Korea (ROK)

President Ninoy Aquino III goes to South Korea in line with the ASEAN Republic of Korea (ROK) 25th Anniversary Commemorative Summit which tackles different issues and will be help on December 11 and 12 of 2014.

Ten member state leaders are to participate in the upcoming commemorative summit and one of the speakers will be President Aquino, and the others are the ASEAN members. The theme of the presentations was “Building trust, Brining Happiness”, and the Department of Foreign Affairs was the one to mention who the speakers for this summit were.

There are also representatives from the Philippines that will accompany and join President Aquino on the summit namely, and Philippine Director-General Luis T. Cruz, and amongst them are other government officials from the executive departments as well as other Members of the Cabinet.

ROK President Park Geun-hye

ROK President Park Geun-hye

On the 1th of December, this is the time when resident Aquino will meet with ROK President Park Geun-hye and talk about the Cultural Performances that will be happening on the 12th of December in line with welcoming the other ASEAN leaders. They are also the ones to host the said event, in charge of the welcome dinner and the whole of the program.

On the 12th of December, that is when the main issues will be tackled. This particular summit focuses on non-traditional security issues which are mostly about disaster risk reduction and climate change. President Aquino will also attend two Commemorative Summit Sessions at Busan Exhibition Convention Centre (BEXCO) and review the future of each and every country. While at Korea, President Aquino will also be attending certain exhibitions like the one with the traditional arts and crafts as well as meet and greet with the CEO of Korea Aerospace Industries and different highly ranked officials of ROK.


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